Our Story

Paraíba is the realization of two lifelong friends originating from London. The brand is inspired by our friendship, our travelling adventures, and the magic of Tulum, Mexico.

Paraíba embodies our belief that when people are together they bring out the best in themselves and others. We call this being Alive Together, a belief that whether with friends or strangers there is a playful spirit that interconnects our worlds with an open-minded attitude: one of togetherness, of energy, of exploration and ultimately channeling the infectious Latin spirit.

At Paraíba we create beachwear that is inspired by and reflects this spirit of being Alive Together, of fiestas and friendships, of vitality and happiness.


Big thanks

To all those who have helped and supported us on our journey. Our family and friends who have patiently listened and provided much needed stability to balance our childlike excitement. Those who made the dream a reality. We could not have done it without you. Thanks and love.


Ted, Branding – hello@tedthinks.com
Mariana & Laurencia, Fashion Tutors
Verbal Identity, Refine our core purpose – @verbid
Viviana Macias, Fashion Stylist /Production makeup artist – @vmpromakeup
Carla Qua, Illustrator – @carla.que
Dandelion, Product Manufacture – @dandelionplaya
HolieB, Product Manufacture – @holiebmx


David & Charles